Words Have Great Power

By: Guest Writer- Rudolph

We live in a rather sensitive Era where people feel somewhat entitled to many a desire but to what extend can this sensitivity be applied?

Namibia being a relatively newly independent country, one would wonder if certain topics are okay to discuss or do we beat around the bush?
I ask this due to the fact that topics such as racism and tribalism are still major factors in this country. I mean… the reality of this is how far does a joke go when it involves different tribes/cultures or just a specific tribe/culture? and how exaggerated are arguments between different races? Makes one wonder if it is safe to speak one’s mind but again… despite the safety do we really consider others when speaking on sensitive issues?

It has become common (with the use of social media) that we become bolder when mentioning bits and pieces of what and how we really feel about social issues. Such as a recent situation in which a colorist post that went viral and circulated on most platforms that we know of.

I cant guarantee the posted message was innocent or meant to offend but I know it had an impact.

Too often we let words that carry little meaning run from our mouths without thought of how it will impact every individual around us.

And just until it strikes close to home which would be a loved one or just any person whom you’ve grown to care for and only then do we acknowledge or want to take action against such offenders.

We are a nation that recently fought off struggles and topics such as racism are still open wounds and adding salt to them would cause a sting to even the strongest being. With that said I would caution social media users to be mindful of the social issues within this country and be considerate to those who could generally be hurt with by the power words carry.

Nothing belongs to only a particular type of person or race nor culture because at the end of the day we live in the same social circumstances and are all affected by a particular issue differently.

Be mindful and considerate to your fellow country-men while being honest and truthful.

And always remember that your words could easily mould or break you.



Thank U, Next


I am pretty certain most of you also start off a new year with specific resolutions and goals.

Our visions are obviously much clearer at the beginning of any new journey simply because of the strong desire to do better and be better.

But as the year progresses only those tenacious enough keep reaching greater heights while the rest gradually slide off the ‘self-betterment wagon only to resort to an oblivious “this wasn’t my year”, a custom which has long stood the test of time.

A few weeks remain before a new year and if I’m to be brutally honest with myself, I too haven’t done all of which I aspired to do but I still bow in acknowledgement of the progress I have made.

I’ve been extremely vulnerable in ways I couldn’t have imagined existed. I fought hard to rise above the unease, disappointment, negativity, and constant uncertainty and felt knocked down in most situations where I mostly didn’t have any control.

For me, there’s just nothing worse than the fear of failure and unfulfilled potential and there was a great deal of times I felt like I just wasn’t doing enough.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how  hell – bent I am on breaking personal barriers and just succeeding in life despite all the odds.

Even so, 2018 was indeed a great year for growth and self discovery because the good always outweighs the bad.

I have discovered a great deal that will help me become what I intend to be in years to come and here are some of the lessons I’m taking from this year;

• Forget what you think you know and trust GOD’S PLAN for your life.
• Work hard yet be patient with results, success doesn’t happen overnight.
• Choose peace of mind above all else.
• Ignore and avoid the nay-sayers, these people will drain you down
• AND never give up on yourself, you’ve come too far.

Dear 2018, I am thankful for it all, the lessons, the highs and the lows.

Yours Truly❤

Twahafa Neshuku

Fight the good fight!

If theres anything you should guard and protect with your entire being, it has to be your sanity…

Mental health has become one of the most neglected subjects in society and

the failure to address mental issues and inadequate awareness has led many to succumb to suicide; particularly in some parts of Africa where depression is still dubbed as a white man’s disease and other ailments like schizophrenia blatantly associated to witchcraft…

For years bad logic has argued that if it’s not physical, it’s disregarded and this type of thinking contributes largely to the stigma.

Most mental illnesses affect ‘ one’s psychological and emotional well-being, causing the inability to cope with ordinary daily routines.

Though it is treatable, most people suffering from depression or anxiety are hardly aware of their condition, they become suicidal when they feel trapped and hopeless.

Here’s my story,

I have experienced a mild form of anxiety during my teen years.

I never spoke about it or received any treatment until I was 20 years old.

I would get panic attacks and have sleepless nights prior to tests, school presentations or just general public speaking, which I did a lot during my school years.

Sometimes I would just be nervous and highly concsious of my surroundings.

It took a lot of understanding to overcome my anxiety.

I wish I had spoken about it because it could have helped people around me to understand me.

It’s sad to see so many people suffer in silent from depression and other mental issues, we still have a long way to go in terms of rehabilitation and support for those in dire need of help.

Instead of alienating and shunning people with abnormal social behavior, how about we accept them and help them seek the required therapy and treatment.


Twahafa Neshuku❤

Help me, help you, see the Good in my Generation!

(By Guest Writer: Nelago Johannes)



I could easily tell you what I thought the function of the media in society is. Maybe you would even like me to enhance your IQ through why or why not public figures have the right to privacy.

Or are you the type of person that thinks about the freedom of expression in Namibia when you hear the word ‘MEDIA’.

The truth of the matter is that venturing on a journey to the future without a roadmap of knowledge of the past is an uncertified road to an undiscoverable destination.

Knowledge of the past is what has shaped today’s journalists.

Our heritage has carved what the function of the media should be in modern civilization. Yes, it is ancient times that has moulded the indoctrinisers that cultivated the now harvested habits of basing propaganda that public figures don’t have a right to privacy.

It is possible to talk about freedom of expression in Namibia but then I’d be limiting the nation to see beyond the horizon. So, NO, it is very wrong.
It is wrong in the sense that it is the same limitation that led to the Nazi’s believing that Germany belonged to the blue-eyed blonde. Or should I speak about the same limitation that blinded the world and deprived the universe of seeing its first female president in the 17thcentury? You tell me, was it right for the media to use propaganda in the Cold War? I refuse to constraint this piece to the limitations of only defining Namibia in the globe filled with hundreds of countries.

This is because I have seen what limitations can do to a nation. Limitations from their colonial rules are the reason why Angola, Namibia, South Africa and many more African countries are still called “Developing countries” and not “Developed countries.”

Women in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were challenged with expressing themselves in a patriarchal system that generally refused to grant merit to women’s views.

Cultural and political events during these centuries increased attention to women’s issues such as education reform, and by the end of the eighteenth century, women were increasingly able to speak out against injustices. The difference between THEN and NOW is the way in which women were portrayed by the media.

He had a dream that we could become a team. This man spoke out when everyone broke out.

Truth of the matter is that Martin Luther King Junior saw something that many failed to see back then, HE REALISED THE POWER OF THE MEDIA.

The immense difference a sentence in “The Namibian” newspaper would have on the town, nation, sometimes even the globe. It would grab the attention of that which had been unattended to. It would bring life to the stories untold because it would educate, empower and enable minds to see beyond the horizon.

Over the years, the media has played a refined role in how we think, act or perceive things. “Be submissive, quiet, pretty and obedient.” If you are a female, that was expected of you 2 centuries ago. “Big men don’t cry. Toughen up. A girl can’t beat you and go hunting for the biggest animal in the forest.” Surely if you are a male, you now have a pretty good idea of what was expected of you. That was you because the media made you believe that is WHO YOU ARE!

This is an opinion of 1 person, reviewed by 2 people and edited by 3. More than a billion minus 1 minus 2 and minus 3 unheard voices and the media has so much power? It shouldn’t, you have the power to refuse to succumb to the voice that does not best suit you.

Lucky for you, the era you live in today does not only enable you to embrace your differences, it gives you the platform aswell as a variety of ways in which you can best describe yourself. Be the best sportswoman you can be.

Young missy, its okay to take up that job as a mechanical (Just read the manual to a good mechanic). Young sir, is it a ballet dancer you aspire to be? Nothing is stopping you but you.

So go with what makes you happy and don’t be limited to what the media says.

It’s a painful reality to watch 13 year old’s going through depression because they seek validation from a world that has never even known they exist. Social Media, print media, television, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software and internet are a base that can destroy or grow, help me, help you see the good in our generation.

My Name is Nelago Johannes, I’m 19 and this is my voice!



I believe that the average human mind is too restrained as far as creativity and independent thinking is concerned.

This belief roots from mostly self-observation and of those around me and my extensive evaluation of human disposition and nature if I may call it so, has led me to conclude that we could all do better when it comes to being purposefully authentic.

Notions; easier described as concepts, ideas, opinions or beliefs are what shapes our existences. These could be anything from hereditary ideologies, social concepts, projects, intellect, quotes and much more.

More often than not, we copy, use and share already existing ideas and concepts just because they seem relevant and relatable at that time. We lazily do so without a single worry or thought that; 1.someone else worked unrelenting to achieve their findings and 2. You too can be like that person.

Sad enough, cheating and plagiarism has become custom in the times that we live in and this is enabled mostly by free media where everything and anything is readily accessible at the mere click of a button.

The thing about most borrowed concepts is that they lack passion and it is indeed very easy to tell when something does.

A most common example I can think of is a shared inspirational quote.  You see these everyday on people’s feeds, social media posts and  Whatsapp statuses.

These are powerful and resounding words  spoken by extraordinary human beings aimed at helping with understanding the fleeting logic of life.

These words will often resonate to a certain degree,  at the time shared because after you are done relating, you naturally forget about it and go about your normal business until another wise man says something meaningful and the cycle continues because;

Searching for meaning in someone else’s words is philosophical torture.

Today I dare you to be original, don’t be that person who shares and feeds off exaggerated notions of things you know nothing about.

For once, dare to be different.


Twahafa Neshuku





We are all a little broken, some of us maybe more so than others.

There’s no one person that hasn’t experienced hardships or difficult  periods in life but your attitude through these trials is what ultimately determines who you are.

How do I know this?

Well just the other day, a friend called me to vent. As usual, she went on about how troubled and unlucky she was, among all the other things she was finding hard to deal with.

Being who I am, I wasn’t having any of it. I listened till she finished speaking and decided to shower her with some tough love, and asked her to introspectively examine all her troubles at that point.

The next day she called back with a different tale to tell.

So often  we resort to whining and complaining and submit to hysteria when things aren’t going so well in our lives. We do so without even considering all the elements at play, things like how bad things are or how easily they can be overcome.

The thing is, physical or mental pain will always be distinctive  human experiences that are mostly unavoidable.

Whatever you may be going  through, always tell yourself two things; “This too shall pass” and “Someone out there has it worse”. Why the latter? the world is a cruel place and I have seen real pain in the eyes of many.

It is true that each one of us knows only of our own pain and discomfort but we are able to empathize  with others.

Allow me to disillusion you from  the fear of pain.

Even in the midst of trouble and brokenness, hope must remain so transform your worries into joy by developing a fighting spirit and if you are feeling too overwhelmed,

hang in there just a little longer, light lurks at the end of the tunnel.


Twahafa Neshuku