Thank U, Next


I am pretty certain most of you also start off a new year with specific resolutions and goals.

Our visions are obviously much clearer at the beginning of any new journey simply because of the strong desire to do better and be better.

But as the year progresses only those tenacious enough keep reaching greater heights while the rest gradually slide off the ‘self-betterment wagon only to resort to an oblivious “this wasn’t my year”, a custom which has long stood the test of time.

A few weeks remain before a new year and if I’m to be brutally honest with myself, I too haven’t done all of which I aspired to do but I still bow in acknowledgement of the progress I have made.

I’ve been extremely vulnerable in ways I couldn’t have imagined existed. I fought hard to rise above the unease, disappointment, negativity, and constant uncertainty and felt knocked down in most situations where I mostly didn’t have any control.

For me, there’s just nothing worse than the fear of failure and unfulfilled potential and there was a great deal of times I felt like I just wasn’t doing enough.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how  hell – bent I am on breaking personal barriers and just succeeding in life despite all the odds.

Even so, 2018 was indeed a great year for growth and self discovery because the good always outweighs the bad.

I have discovered a great deal that will help me become what I intend to be in years to come and here are some of the lessons I’m taking from this year;

• Forget what you think you know and trust GOD’S PLAN for your life.
• Work hard yet be patient with results, success doesn’t happen overnight.
• Choose peace of mind above all else.
• Ignore and avoid the nay-sayers, these people will drain you down
• AND never give up on yourself, you’ve come too far.

Dear 2018, I am thankful for it all, the lessons, the highs and the lows.

Yours Truly❤

Twahafa Neshuku


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