Fight the good fight!

If theres anything you should guard and protect with your entire being, it has to be your sanity…

Mental health has become one of the most neglected subjects in society and

the failure to address mental issues and inadequate awareness has led many to succumb to suicide; particularly in some parts of Africa where depression is still dubbed as a white man’s disease and other ailments like schizophrenia blatantly associated to witchcraft…

For years bad logic has argued that if it’s not physical, it’s disregarded and this type of thinking contributes largely to the stigma.

Most mental illnesses affect ‘ one’s psychological and emotional well-being, causing the inability to cope with ordinary daily routines.

Though it is treatable, most people suffering from depression or anxiety are hardly aware of their condition, they become suicidal when they feel trapped and hopeless.

Here’s my story,

I have experienced a mild form of anxiety during my teen years.

I never spoke about it or received any treatment until I was 20 years old.

I would get panic attacks and have sleepless nights prior to tests, school presentations or just general public speaking, which I did a lot during my school years.

Sometimes I would just be nervous and highly concsious of my surroundings.

It took a lot of understanding to overcome my anxiety.

I wish I had spoken about it because it could have helped people around me to understand me.

It’s sad to see so many people suffer in silent from depression and other mental issues, we still have a long way to go in terms of rehabilitation and support for those in dire need of help.

Instead of alienating and shunning people with abnormal social behavior, how about we accept them and help them seek the required therapy and treatment.


Twahafa Neshuku❤


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