I believe that the average human mind is too restrained as far as creativity and independent thinking is concerned.

This belief roots from mostly self-observation and of those around me and my extensive evaluation of human disposition and nature if I may call it so, has led me to conclude that we could all do better when it comes to being purposefully authentic.

Notions; easier described as concepts, ideas, opinions or beliefs are what shapes our existences. These could be anything from hereditary ideologies, social concepts, projects, intellect, quotes and much more.

More often than not, we copy, use and share already existing ideas and concepts just because they seem relevant and relatable at that time. We lazily do so without a single worry or thought that; 1.someone else worked unrelenting to achieve their findings and 2. You too can be like that person.

Sad enough, cheating and plagiarism has become custom in the times that we live in and this is enabled mostly by free media where everything and anything is readily accessible at the mere click of a button.

The thing about most borrowed concepts is that they lack passion and it is indeed very easy to tell when something does.

A most common example I can think of is a shared inspirational quote.  You see these everyday on people’s feeds, social media posts and  Whatsapp statuses.

These are powerful and resounding words  spoken by extraordinary human beings aimed at helping with understanding the fleeting logic of life.

These words will often resonate to a certain degree,  at the time shared because after you are done relating, you naturally forget about it and go about your normal business until another wise man says something meaningful and the cycle continues because;

Searching for meaning in someone else’s words is philosophical torture.

Today I dare you to be original, don’t be that person who shares and feeds off exaggerated notions of things you know nothing about.

For once, dare to be different.


Twahafa Neshuku





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